Struggling to Survive

Abbie is a first-time mom struggling to survive. She confides in a nurse from Great Expectations: her boyfriend abuses her. One night, not long after her son is born, Abbie calls her nurse in tears: her boyfriend hit her and has been arrested. Abbie’s nurse connects her with Advocate Safehouse, helps her find temporary housing, […]

Gentle Guidance For A First-Time Mom

Lindsey is a first-time mom in Rifle. She stays home with her son Ryan every day. Lindsey has no family in the area other than her husband, who works in Aspen. Her only regular visitor: a nurse from Great Expectations. After Ryan is born, Lindsey’s nurse begins to wonder if he has a developmental delay. […]

Growing Confidence for a Growing Family

Jazmín is a warm, loving mom of three girls under 6 years old. Her husband works hard to support their family, while Jazmín stays home with the girls. Jazmín is eager to learn more activities to share with her children and get them ready for preschool; she frequently asks Great Expectations for ideas.  Jazmín and […]

A Daughter Becomes a Mom

Jennifer is 17 and pregnant. She lives with her mother, who has been very supportive and has been helping her get the house ready for the baby. Jennifer goes to school and plans to continue after her baby is born. The stress is overwhelming. Jennifer and her mother argue a lot (it’s hard for anyone […]

A Mother Speaks Up

Teresa has two children: a new baby and an older son, who has asthma. When she notices mold on the walls of her laundry room, she worries that it would make her family sick. But Teresa is soft-spoken and doesn’t like to ask for help. She has already alerted the landlord; he did nothing in […]

Getting Ready to Accept Help

Maria just had her fourth child. Her older children have been very involved in helping care for the baby. Maria’s husband has been taking the older children out over the weekends to give Maria some rest. The baby is doing wonderfully, but Maria is not. She used to be cheerful and talkative; now she says […]